Paid TV Commercial

My name is Lauren and I am with Chameleon Casting in Melbourne.

We are currently casting a paid TV Commercial and are looking for fisherman/fish smokers around the North or West Coast of TAS. I came across your site online, and was wondering if you'd be interested in applying. I have attached the brief for you to reference with all the job info (refer to #7 below).

If you are interested, please apply via the link below:

PDF Flyer availble here

Just for Laughs :)


Tasmania features on iFish

ONEHD at 5.30pm Sunday 8 June

The first of three episodes on Tasmania, with iFish's Paul Worsteling, is on Sunday 8th June - with the final one August 16th - a one hour special documentary on the 150th Introduction of trout.

It is on Laughing Jack Lagoon with Wigston Lures Manager (Tasmanian Devils), Justin Causby.

Mysterious Jellyfish (ABC NEWS)

I thought this maybe of interest: 

Oral History Association of Australia

The Tasmanian Committee of the Oral History Association of Australia will hold a seminar on Saturday, 7th September, featuring a couple of items that might be of interest to the wider fishing community.  One speaker is Neil Stump on the oral history project for the Tasmanian Seafood Industry Council and another is Garry Kerr, a fisherman by profession and historian by inclination.  He has produced DVDs, especially on the Flinders Island traders, and is interested in wooden boats.

Some music you may enjoy

Rick Keam is well known to many fly fishers. He is an editor, fly tyer and writer of note. Rick is pedantic in all things and it shows in his music. This is laid back easy listening, so click on the links below to preview.

Science debunks myth of fish pain

The science is in - fish don't feel pain. Anglers resume your pastime. Animal-rights activists retract the propaganda. Reversing the previous popular view that fish do feel pain, a team of seven scientists conducted extensive research to determine if the nociceptor responsible for pain in humans does they same thing in fish. The first discovery was that there were very few nociceptors in fish mouths. But it was also found that the fish brain does not contain the highly developed neocortex needed to feel pain in the first place. Read the article here Science Debunks Myth of Fish Pain

Anglers Angry as Burke Rushes Marine Park Lock-Outs

The Gillard Labor Government is treating recreational fishers with contempt by rushing public consultation on its marine park lock-up plans.


By Toby Hope
Living on the west coast of Tassie we endure some of the coldest winters experienced anywhere in Australia.  Blowing up from a south to south westerly direction producing bitterly cold winds, snow, sleet and freezing rain.

Sunscreen Protection

Tasmania’s sun can be deadly - get protection

Tasmanian fishermen and boat enthusiasts are in danger of irreversible eye damage and contributing to the Australia’s reputation for the highest incidence of skin cancer in the world. This can be avaided by taking some rudimentary precautions
Australia’s has a unique climate with extreme levels of Ultra Violet Radiation (UVR). Our the love of the outdoors, and reluctance to embrace the ‘Slip Slop Slap’ mantra of the anti cancer council means two out of three Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer by the age of 70. You are four times more likely to be diagnosed with skin cancer including melanoma than any other cancer.
Suitable protection of the skin against UV damage and regular skin checks can reduce the incidence of these cancers and early diagnosis can dramatically improve the outcome once diagnosed!

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