Great Lakes Easter 2011

We decided to go up to the Great Lake on Easter Saturday.  We went out on the same evening but to no prevail.
Woke up nice and early on Sunday morning about 4-30 am, we were down at the ramp by 4-45am but was too dark to launch the boat straight away so Matthew decided to go and have a spin off the end of the ramp, three casts later he had nailed a nice three pound brown.  Started fishing about 5-15am, we ended up with three for the morning.  A very well conditioned rainbow weighing about three and three quarter pounds and a nice triploid brown four pounds.

We went out nice and early Monday morning and made most of the great conditions. Headed out and up the Little Beehives where we caught another three browns with two of them being four pound triploids and the other one about 2 and a quar­ter pounds.  Went out later that afternoon and caught two nice three pound rain­bows all in excellent condition.
Later that afternoon Matt, Carmel and Renee left to return home due to resuming work on Tuesday morning.  Sid and Luke stayed on.
They went out on Tuesday morning and put in at Tods Corner.  Here they met up with fellow Presidents Rodney Summers and Jim Tubb.  Sid and Luke caught five browns ranging from 2 pounds up to three pounds.  They went out again that af­ternoon where they caught a really top quality rainbow three pounds.
They got up early on Wednesday morning where they were greeted by perfect fishing weather once again. The fish must have been in that mood with them hav­ing landed 6 nice trout in the first hour and three in the next half hour all browns, and all caught in deep water on lead lines.  They weighed from 2 and a half pounds and five pounds and in that there was another three triploids in mag­nificent condition.
24 Caught in total.
Presidents Sid, Matthew, Carmel, Luke and Renee Oates.