Great Lake August 22nd 2011

I fished Great Lake today with Bailey, Dale and Trev Howard.
We got to Cramps Bay at around 10am to a calm lake, fished the shoreline  north of the Cramps bay ramp and then moved up to Sandbanks bay.
All up, we caught 21 brownies between us, releasing quite a few.
Fish averaged around the 1kg mark, some only in average nick.
They had been feeding heavily on worms, stick caddis and snail.

Have a look at the photo of the trout with worms coming out of its mouth, we lost several, had a lot of hits with many fish following the plastics right to the boat. We also had a nice BBQ lunch where Dale cooked us up some mutton birds.
What a great bloke “the unit” is.
Most fish were caught near the shore, it was here that Bailey and Trev got out of the boats, waded the shoreline and caught a few more fish feeding over newly flooded ground.
We had to be careful motoring on the lake due to all the timber floating around.
Our fish were caught on Yep softies in various colours, one on a hard body and a few more on the Berkley black “n” gold T.Tails.
In a nutshell, ..we all had a ball on Great Lake today.