Lake Leake Report 5/11/2012

Connor, Wally and I went out on Lake Leake for a couple of hours. We were in Wally’s boat and headed out at 12:30, and we trawled up around the Big Timber Shore, only getting a few touches. We then went over to the island getting a bit of cover from the wind, and getting a few hits on Tassie devil lures. We then trawled across in to Choco log bay, where Wally had a nice hit, but dropped it. We fished in there for about 45 minutes, getting a few hits. We then started to head back to Kalangadoo Bay, where Wally hooked this small Rainbow trout.

I wound it in as he was navigating through the stumps. It was only a little 26cm one; let the little tacker go to grow a bit bigger. Then swapping and changing lures but no more hits, we then fished the Grassy side of Kalangadoo bay, where I had a nice trout on, but the mongrel but mine line and swam off with my Tassie devil lure! We then headed back to the boat ramp where Connor caught a 20cm red fin perch. Was a good days fishing, at least we caught a trout. Next time we go out were hoping for a few bigger ones! The lake is full with plenty of feed.


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