Lake Leake 2/9/2013

An early afternoon phone call and a bit of enthusiasm was all that was needed...Mike Stevens arrived at my place around 1.30pm and soon we were on our way to Lake Leake with his newly renovated Purdon Dingy in tow. We weren’t on the water long when we had couple of nice fish onboard to christen it, finished with 4 trout (2 rainbows, 2 browns) along with one massive perch.

The trout was in fantastic condition and gorged full of stick caddis.
Jock, Mike’s dog, was less than impressed with proceedings, letting out a "bored whine" at regular intervals.
A couple of "ports" at the side of the lake along with a salad roll, followed by a scotch in front of the fire when we returned home, capped off a great afternoon.
T.tails, 1/1/2 jig head fished extremely slow and deep.
Yep Tackle "Red Nut" hard body.