St Helens Mako

Thought I might give you a report from fishing at St.Helens on the weekend. We fished Saturday afternoon looking for some tuna on the 100 metre mark, but found them scarce, trolled for one and a half hours and did not turn a reel All the fresh run off from all the rain was evident, water discoloured to a fair way out, certainly would not help matters, so we decided to go for some tasty flathead We headed in to 50 metres of water between St.helens point and the island and caught a couple dozen, so we were happy to get a feed. We talked to other fishos about how they went and they reported that action was slow, with only a couple of albies and stripies to show for a few hours trolling.

Then had another couple of reports of a whale carcass on the shelf floating with kingfish hanging around it and quite a few were boated on small tuna lures and at Coles Bay on Saturday some albies had been landed as well as two bluefin being caught and tagged and a yellowfin tagged in the Coles bay competition. I didn’t take any photos this trip so I have sent you a picture of a younger Bailey with his first mako caught at St.Helens island.