Upper Scamander River and Georges Bay at St.Helens Report

I have been working down at St.Helens last week, so Bailey caught the bus down on Friday to have a fish with me on the weekend.

On Saturday we fished for trout in a nice little river way back in the hills at Upper Scamander, I think it runs into the Scamander river, anyway, we fished here for a couple of hours and caught some nice little river browns on softies, a bit of “bush bashing” to get to the good spots, but worth it.

Later that day we hooked up the Stacer and headed up the Scamander for some bream action, caught a dozen on softies and hard body’s, most of the action was way up the top.

On Sunday we fished Georges Bay at St.Helens and had a ball catching salmon, we could have filled the boat up as they were that thick, but only kept four to eat.

Salmon were caught on softies, poppers and hardbodys, all other fish on the weekend were released.