St Helens Report 31/12/2011

Just got back from St.Helens, spent a couple of days fishing in Georges Bay and Grants Lagoon with Bailey, my brother Paul and his son Nathan.  We caught a few salmon and a couple of grass whiting over some sand flats and Nathan lost a really big bream right at the boat.  In Grants lagoon we caught some big trevally, bream and flathead, also got around 10 dozen prawns from here on Tuesday night.  We also got a pic of a nice Thresher shark caught up the coast from shore (pics may not be very clear as they were taken from a mobile).


Heading to the lakes tomorrow for a few days, so should have a report from there soon. Almost forgot, they are catching plenty of albacore at St. Helens at the moment, one report is of 35 albies caught near the cliff and at the 100 metre mark yesterday. CHEERS PHIL ZANETTO