St.Helens & Shark at Garden Island

I just got back from St.Helens where I had a fish with my brother Stephen.
I was tied up doing chores at the shack yesterday, so today we went out for about 4 hours for a good feed of morwong, we were after a stripy, but it was not to be this time.
We then went for a troll at the 100 metre mark for some albacore and boated three.

Conditions early were ok, but it blew up later on, had reports that the 100 metre mark is where most fish are being caught with things quiet on the shelf.
Also had a report of a marlin seen free swimming.
At Bicheno they are being caught on the 100 metre mark in big numbers also heard of a yellow fin being hooked there but it was lost at the boat.

At Garden Island today (in the Tamar river), my wife Sue took Bailey for a fish with softies from the shore.
He caught some salmon and when cleaning the fish he noticed a large shape coming towards him, it was a shark.
He says it was a Great white and it was cruising up and down the shore, they took some pictures and although they are not very clear, they are here.
An awesome sight ! We reckon it was around three metres long.