Victorians visit Tassie

Hi Mike,

Its Jaymie and Jake from Melbourne that came down to St Helens for 7 days. You took a quick snap of me with the bream with Michael Haley.

Thought we might just say thanks from my brother Jake, Dad and I.

Might also give you a quick insight to how good we thought the fishing was down there in Georges bay.

Of course, being from Victoria we fish a lot of waters that are fished regularly by other anglers and are always trying new things to catch bream, trout, snapper and other species. But spending a couple of days on the bay with Michael Haley showed us how untouched Tasmanian waterways really are, thanks to Michael, he has opened our eyes to a new exciting and visual way to catch bream on lures, we have always heard about how good the fishing is in Tasmania, but we never expected it to be this good!

The amount of fish we saw in two days blew our minds, too actually watch a fish chase a lure down, eye it up, and then eat it right before you was an awesome experience and a memory we will never forget.

Even the amount of trout we saw in the freshwater streams was amazing. In Vic there are still plenty of trout, but the way the trout react to your lure in Tassie is completely different to Victoria. I can remember clearly, easily a dozen trout swarming our lures just to get the first go at it, and all the fish we hooked up we actually saw come out and nose the lure 3 feet before giving it a quick bump. The fish ranged from half to around three pound which is a little bigger than the trout we catch on average in Melbourne, My brother Jake can't stop thinking about how close we could get to a trout before they would spook, we were literally 30 cms away from trout that were not aware of our presence.

And Dad couldn't get over them half a metre trevally that peeled 25 - 50m of line before we could say, Im On!

The fishing destinations were 15 minutes away from each other, we would be fishing freshwater rivers at 7 am then venture over to Georges bay and catch trevally at 10 am.

And the locals down there are all easy going and nice to talk to.

We encourage more young kids to go out and have a crack at fishing instead of sitting at home playing computer games all day, it's a great thrill.

We will hopefully be seeing more of Tasmanian fishing, especially St Helens on Haley's boat between early October or late November.

Thanks again for the pics I look forward to seeing the photos of the bream that your sending.

And if you see Michael Haley soon tell him,

Thanks again from all of us guys,it was a trip of a life time!

Cheers, Jaymie, Jake and Guy Deboucherville