World Fly Fishing Championships update 14 June.

Poland is very much a country grounded in agriculture and forestry. As mentioned in a previous report forest make up over sixty percent of Poland's total area. The land is owned in small areas, with fodder stacks arranged like small haystacks cropped by hand often with a scythe and sickle. Somewhere are fields for cropping with the most important crops of grains, of which the highest yields came from rye, wheat, barley, and oats. Poland is currently the largest producer of potatoes and rye in Europe and is one of the world's largest producers of sugarbeet.

The grass after the rain is waist deep and due to EVC restriction on Poland the livestock numbers and rural production from cows is restricted. A herd consists of 2 or 4 cows in our area and the milk collected in “olde world” dairy cans. No sign of sterilized milk trucks. Interestingly we have not to this time found the bull. Which after 2 weeks away from home defines somewhat our level of frustration!
One gets the impression that Poland has defined and remains as a peasant rural economy!
Captain and manager sent the team off for a social fact finding fish this morning as today we move to the official competition venue. With much merriment we said our fond farewells and set about packing the van with non fishing luggage and retired for a small kip to be awoken by the sound of thunder across the valley. With a wry smile I sit here having a latte while the rain peppers the wooden shingles on the shed a soft sound unlike what I expect to hear on Team Australia’s” returnfor lunch.
This morning on our daily homage to the river at the end of the freshly mown grassed yard we are delighted to see the river runs clear and structure becomes evident. The challenge in the competition will be to define what area to fish in a beat that may well measure 200 m X 150m. There are 3 types of holding areas that we recognize as containing predominantly trout others schools of grayling and yet others more suitable to coarse fish the scourge of our campaign thus far.
Last evening we returned to an area called the soccer pitch tested our aeroguard and fished in the prolonged twilight to grayling gently ipping off the water in the glided silver shimmer of the evening sun. Interestingly the number of fish caught was indirectly related to the fishers’ age. In other words Staggy cleaned up!
Home to a feast of Bogdrn by now our very popular cuisine provider who has left us amazement as each meal is unique and plentiful. Our farewell respite menu was a garlic soup followed by the banquet of wild boar venison and veal all carved off the bone with side of local vegetable and salad! Topped off with fresh berries and ice cream.
The remainder of the night saw Australia 4 0 in the soccer which whilst disappointing only charged the guys to greater feats in our more domestic table soccer competition!
As for the next week. The rain and floods have thwarted our preparation plans. However the team has used what time it had with professionalism and dedication.  Certain flies and colors have evolved. Only time will tell if our intelligence is correct. What I can say that every member of the team has worked with a common goal and are as ready as any within the limits of the conditions. Only today have the authorities estabished a flow in the river, which is considered appropriate for the competition. The conspiracy theorists can have a field day!
To our sponsors and corporate supporters thanks you for your enormous contribution. The value of support from Andrew at Mayfly tackle Columbia Qantas and Fulling Mill flies is acknowledged. Rod from Vision has given several of the team the opportunity to fish with “The Cult” fly rod a most suitable rod for the proposed nymphing techniques.
To all back at home my kochamy was bardrzo!