Van Diemans Fly Fishers Club

The Van Diemans Fly Fishers Club held its Annual Outing on Arthurs Lake Saturday 10th November with eight boats fishing and two anglers teamed together in each boat from a draw at the last meeting. Fishing time was from 6am till 12 midday, the morning was reasonable conditions with a breeze, bit of cloud here and there and of cause a bit of sun.

Out of the eight boats fishing half opted to fish Cowpaddock area and the rest elsewhere. There were 145 fish caught all up between the eight boats with most released. The winning boat caught 36 fish next was 21 and then 19. There were a few that caught double figures of 16, 13, 11, 10 and also one that caught 26 fish all in all it was a great morning fishing with a BBQ held at lunchtime where the stories of what could have been and the ones that got away along with great food and some cold drinks to finish a good day out. Comp fly fishing only.

Placings were
1st  Craig Shipton & Ian Donachy    36 fish
2nd Daryl Shannon & John Fordam  21 fish
3rd  Michael Porte & Steward Dick  19 fish
Cheers Craig Shipton