Derwent Bream Report

Howdy fellow Fishermen - So, after not being out to have a crack at a Bream in over 8 months, I finally got to do so over the weekend.
I headed down to Hobart on Friday to pick up Isaac and head up the coast that night to chase some Bream on surface on Saturday. By the time Isaac knocked off work Friday arvo there was no need to rush to get up the coast as we were only camping to get an early start for the following day.

We decided to have a little session on the Derwent targeting a few on Vibes. We got a call from Rob (Cheffish) that he had already arrived at our spot and there was heaps of Bream stacked up on the pylons, but would wait until we arrived so I could have first crack at them.... Top bloke isn't he! :D

When we arrived, he wasn't wrong as there were some very nice fish working the area, some of which Isaac said were the biggest he's seen in the Derwent (so they must have been big). I rigged up with the ever reliable Cranka Vibe in ORT and dropped it in the vicinity of some fish that were rolling on the pylons and it got hammered on the drop and  I got absolutely rogered over, under and around the Mussle encrusted pylon! I'm surprised I stayed connect for as long as I did to be honest. So back on with another vibe and this time an almost locked-up drag, I managed to pull one out of the same hole and Rob was into a nice fish right beside me. I moved over to another pylon and hooked up to another nice fish. This one took me around pylons, some chain and steel cable and had my braid stitched around the jetty resembling a spiders web, but still managed to land it with some help from the boys whilst I was hanging from a pylon with one leg like a Monkey! :lol: Team effort that was! WiHs. We ended up landing 6 or so nice fat Bream before the fish went quiet as the tide slackened. That was a good little Bream fix just there, but the best was yet to come...... It was great to finally meet you Rob, and look forward to fishing the comps with you. ;)

After heading over the River to hook the Hornet on, we made our way up the coast and arrived at around midnight. The plan was to 'swag it" but with the bit of rain we got on the way up it was to wet so we slept in the car, if you could call it sleep! We awoke at around 5am to an awesome sunrise, rigged our rods and made our way to one of Isaac's favourite spots to fish the flats with surface lure and fly. Straight off the bat the fish were on, and we had a good number of fish coming to the boat. We then decided to try our luck with the fly with some pencil poppers I had tied up. Them Bream were all over them "boofing" them left right and centre and at times our fly's were getting thrown about 6 inches clear of the surface from the savage attacks. The only problem was, we couldn't get a solid hook-up and therefore was able to land any, but man it sure was exciting. If you think it's exciting surface fishing with lures...... you should try surface fly's! UNREAL!

We decided to go back to surface and hardbody lures after an hour of so and moved up the system a little further where we could fish the flats and channel drop-off at the same time, and man the fish were thick and some crackers amongst them, too. I continued fishing surface along the edge of the drop-off, while Isaac fished in the drop-off with HB's and both swapping and changing our technique throughout, and she was on for a good couple of hours or more! The stand out surface lure was the (Pontoon 21 Loco Perrito) they were bow-waving over to them from 20ft or more and absolutely smashing them, an awesome sight to see!  We ended up pulling the pin at around 2pm I think it was as the stiff NE wind had got up. All up it was an incredible morning's fishing with big numbers, average size of around 36-37cm and some bigger ones to 41cm with the odd squeaker thrown in.

Thanks again for an awesome session mate and can't wait to get back down for a couple of Derwent sessions...... My Bream fix is now sorted..... Onya Rhonda! :D


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