Merseylea 22/8/2013

Went back to Merseylea this morning for a few hours on the worm. Here's the result, only the one brown for the morning. I did head back this morning to Merseylea and found the river had dropped by around 3 feet and I could get to a nice little spot just below the bridge. Using a rig with a running sinker and just the one hook set up flicked out the two baited rods and sat back and waited. The weather wasn't too bad except for the wind that was starting to strengthen and it wasn't a warm breeze either. There were a few other having a fish here as well but after an hour they left empty handed.

I thought I'd stick it out four another hour and see what happens and was lucky enough to get a strike and pick up a nice solid 720gm Brown. Stayed on for another hour after that without a touch so called it a day, wind had picked up and rain was on the way again too. Still quite a nice few hours on the Mersey once again.

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