Meander River 13/1/2013

We fished the Meander River on Sunday with mate Shippy. We arrived at the river about 9am, got in the water and waded up the river about a kilometre. One on each side of the bank using nymphs. Not much happened for a little way then Shippy was on but he dropped him. We moved up, next he was on to a small fish, put him back.

I wasn't having much luck on nymphs so I changed putting on a little black spinner. Had a few casts then up one came but I was too quick on it and just felt a tug. Shippy is on again, nice fish for this river, took a pic put it back I had a few more looks then one stuck, had picture taken then back in the river. We both had a few more grabs no hook ups, a nice day on the river.
Regards Derek

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