2017 11 28 Close up of wild brown trout Meander RiverWell I did manage to hit the Meander River just on 6:40am this morning in what was beautiful calm cool conditions. The river was running at a nice height with very clear water, there were a few insects out and about as well as the odd trout on the rise. I started off with a gold Aglia and picked up a solid 450 gram brown in the first ten minutes of fast water fishing. The flowing stretch of water was a wide deep slow piece of river so I just worked the spinner down the shallow left hand side of it where I had a solid hit but missed it. It was all quiet over the next couple of stretches of river until I reached the top end of the second run after changing over to the small ghost brown hard body lure.

It was here I picked up two browns in quick time and that was it for another thirty minutes when I caught and released another nice brown at the top end of another run. Things went quiet again for some forty minutes, though I did have a couple of follows in that time but those trout didn't shown any aggression towards the lure. With the sun now on the water and with hundreds of duns and spinners in the air I decided I would now just concentrate on the last three fast water runs ahead of me and by pass the slower water. For the fast water I went to a black bladed #00 Aglia spinner because of the clear water and even more so because of the sunlight now being on the water.

2017 11 28 Meander Brown

It wasn't long before I picked up a trout and shortly after that one I had number six in the net. I was nearly back at the bridge where my car was and there was a very fast water run that most people wouldn't through a lure into. With me being one who doesn't like to pass by any water that I feel would have a trout in it I just had to have a go at it. I could see there was a very small bit of flat water close to the river bank next to a a log and other tree sections that had been washed down from last years floods.

It took me two casts to lob the lure into the flat water then I just let the fast water take the spinner with it while I raised the rod tip a little top keep the tension on the line. It was my usual cast and drift method and it worked again as I drew a trout out of that flat water and it followed the spinner and took it hard. IT wasn't a large fish but in this fast water it still took some patience and control before I finally had it in the net.. It was a well conditioned brown that went 460 grams, it was soon back in the river and on it's way.. So my session ended at 10:20 am with just the seven trout caught and released which wasn't to bad as every trout that was hooked today was landed for a change.

Adrian Webb (meppstas)