Huntsman Lake 13-02-2010

Hi all, Just got back from and impromptu trip to the Huntsman with my family a couple of mates and their families.
What a fantastic looking water this is, they definitely got this one right when they established it.
We all caught fish although most were returned to fight another day with only three kept as smokers.
All the fish are in fantastic condition (although on the smallish side) but because they are "little plumpers" as my daughters call them, they give a good account of themselves whilst on the end of a line.
All fish caught trolling.
Only out there for a couple of hours and as an added bonus we had the entire lake to ourselves,we then followed it up with an onsite BBQ, a couple of beers, a bit of stirring and then home.
Not a bad evening , I reckon.
cheers, Todd


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