lake-dulverton-2014-11-16-cLake Dulverton 16/11/2014

Connor’s not only mastered the art of tying flies he has also proved he can catch trout on his flies. Lake Dulverton 16/11/14
Our sister was heading down to Oatlands to do some observing at the Moto Trials today, Connor and I decided that we could be dropped off at Lake Dulverton, as we have never fished this lake before. We loaded up the fly rods due to knowing that this Lake is known for being VERY weedy.

We arrived at Lake Dulverton at around 9:30am and we were soon to tie on our flies and start casting in the clear water. About an hour went past before Connor had a hook up, but dropped it. An old local fisherman came past, stopped and we got talking to him. He said that the lake had been fishing very well, and fish had been ranging anywhere from 3 to 5pounds. He gave us a few other hints of what flies to use as well. As always, Connor wanted to try the new flies he has tied, so off he goes with this “thing” as he calls it, tied on his line. I was happy fishing away in my own little world, until I hear Connor sing out, “I have a monster on”! I walk my way down to him, unhook the landing net from my side, and wait patiently till the fish ties enough so I can land it for him! The fish slowly tired and it was in with the net and back to the safety of land! Connor was very pleased.
I grab a few photos and Connor was soon on the phone bragging about the 3 pound trout he had caught on a fly he had tied to mum and dad! The fly he had tied was a copper wrapped body, with a marabou tail and a gold bead head, weird looking fly – bit like Connor at the moment with his mullet haircut, but it worked. The strange little flies he is tying, are starting to prove worthwhile, with plenty of hook-ups, he just needs to master the skill of keeping them on that line.
Lake Dulverton is a very weedy lake, but is still fishable along the edges with lure or fly. Like always if you get the chance to chat to a local –do so, they can offer good tips and it’s enjoying to chat to fellow fishers and tell a few stories.
Connor was very pleased with his efforts, and it’s another body of water ticked off our Trout Lakes!



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