Turbidity in Arthurs Lake

The situation at Arthurs has come up a bit lately and from what we can tell the turbidity in most of the lake as increased very slightly (from 3 to around 5 ntu) due to increased algal growth, I would love to have this sort of turbidity reading for Sorell and Crescent which remain over 50 ntu and have been over 400 during the drought!. The most likely cause is increased nutrient availability following inundation of large areas of previously dry ground. The reports that I have received regarding the condition of fish in Arthurs have varied greatly and I suspect that this is due to a significant proportion of older fish in the lake at the moment, I don't think it has anything to do with the turbidity problem.
Most of this is best guess stuff that would require detailed investigation to get a definitive answer.
John Diggle, Inland Fisheries Director