Arthurs Lake Report 12/1/2014

Hi all had a trip to Arthurs with Derek Poole on Friday after he finished work at 1 pm. We arrived at Jonah Bay about 2pm and up to the cowpaddock by 2.30 pm. We started drifting but there wasn't a lot going on. After about half way through the drift i caught one and boated it. 
A bit further Derek caught one and boated. Not long after he was on again also landed. We moved to another spot where we both had a follow, so decided to move to another area. A bit into the drift I was on and fish landed, moved to another spot where i had a couple of follows dropped one and boated two. We then moved to another spot where I caught three more and dropped one and had a couple more follows. We ended up with nine fish, me with seven and Derek two It turned out a good little session. We were off the water by 6 pm.
Cheers Craig