Coastal Catches 11/4/2013

There has been some fantastic fishing around the traps over the last week. Last Friday we got word that there were some more Bluefin Tuna caught out off Strahan. Sunday was looking good so I got a crew together and headed down the West Coast. We were not disappointed. The weather was good and before long we had a Bluefin on board.  We looked for birds working as they are usually a good indicator of where the fish are. The big surprise for the day was an Albacore Tuna over 20 kg. We finished with three Bluefin and one Albacore.

We also had a fish for some Stripy Trumpeter and found success with them as well. I had been keen to try one of the new Optia LED deep water lights and was pleasantly surprised with the result. I was the only one using it and my catch rate was much better than the others. It looks like Kevin Sawards theory in coastal catches a couple of weeks ago was correct: No light No bite.
Eaglehawk neck is still patchy but there have been some good sized bluefin caught over the past week. The big surprise for the week was two Broadbill Swordfish being caught. These fish are uncommon in Tasmanian waters so two within a week of each other is unheard of.
St. Helens has also been a worthwhile with a 60kg Yellowfin Tuna and a marlin being caught recently. Game fishing is alive and well in Tassie.
The weather has been kind and the lack of wind has seen some nice Snapper caught in the Circular Head area. They are a fish that you are not going to catch every trip but if you put the time in you will catch them eventually. Black Magic or Instinct Snapper rigs work really well when used with a bit of squid or Octopus as bait. There were also some Snapper caught off Table cape but you have to put the time in to be successful.
Some wind lanes formed in Lake Burbury early in the day over the weekend and a local Queenstown angler had some success catching rainbow Trout on flies. The trick for success is to cast quickly and accurately a few meters in front of the fish.
The final Devonport anglers club junior fishing day for this season is on at Taylors dam near Latrobe this Sunday from 10am till 3pm.


Gadget of the week:

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Mark Newman, Mark Hill, Kurt Poke, Wade Hill and Stuart Hill showing off their recent Strahan catch