Redmap Project

Winter in Tasmania seems to be a time to slow down, pop on the kettle and usually in my family, share a flu or two. I like to look out of my window at the woolly weather, but clearly this is not the case for all those keen (crazy) fishers and divers out there who still have been reporting unusual fish sightings over this chilly winter period. For that the Redmap team thank you! You are the stars that make the collection of this previously unrecorded information, and the Redmap website, such a success.

Now as the weather warms we hope to hear about a lot more sightings, so no excuse needed, let’s get fishing. I may even get out there, as soon as I untangle the line from my last fishing adventure. But that’s another story.

Want to know more? Head over to Redmap we have a great website at Check out some great photos and please while you are there sign up, there’s a chance to win some great prizes.