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Whitebait Fishing Season Opens on Saturday 1 October

The recreational whitebait fishing season starts on Saturday 1 October and lasts for 6 weeks, closing on Friday 11 November. A whitebait licence is required for whitebating if you are over 10 years of age. The licence costs $28 this year and it can be bought at any Service Tasmania shop and at select private agents.

Read more at http://www.ifs.tas.gov.au/ifs/whitebait-fishing-season-opens-on-saturday-1-october

Arthurs Lake Boating Hazards

Anglers are reminded to beware of navigation hazards whilst boating at Arthurs Lake this Spring. This warning is also extended to other lakes, including Great Lake, where anglers have reported a significant amount of floating debris.

Read more at http://www.ifs.tas.gov.au/ifs/arthurs-lake-boating-hazards

Tooms Lake Boat Ramp Upgrade Planned

The condition of the boat ramp at Tooms Lake this season has been noted, with several anglers contacting the Service about it. Marine and Safety Tasmania have set aside $20,000 from MAST's recreational boating fund to upgrade the ramp but the work cannot be done until the lake level drops significantly.

Read more at http://www.ifs.tas.gov.au/ifs/tooms-lake-boat-ramp-upgrade-planned

Recent donations of large domestic fish benefit northern anglers

During August, the Service took advantage of the donations by Petuna Aquaculture and Tassal of large domestic rainbow trout and Atlantic salmon. Over 700 of these prize fish were stocked into Brushy Lagoon and Lake Barrington, two of the State's northern lowland waters managed by the Service as popular waters and family-style fisheries.

Read more at http://www.ifs.tas.gov.au/ifs/donations-of-large-domestic-fish-benefit-northern-anglers

Four Springs Lake Boat Ramp Improvements

The Service has completed the improvements to the concrete boat ramp at Four Springs Lake – doubling its size – and providing a new landing jetty under a recreational boating project funded by MAST.

Read more at http://www.ifs.tas.gov.au/ifs/four-springs-lake-boat-ramp-improvements

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