IFS Report October 2010

by Sarah Graham

There are a couple of interesting things happening on the Carp Management front at Lake Sorell. For instance, Professor Peter Sorrensen, from the USA has been working with the Service in the carp pheremone trials at Lake Sorell which are being conducted at the moment. And there have been some interesting findings about the behaviour of juvenile carp, which have been observed to favour different habitats in the Lake compared with the adult fish. I will follow up with these stories over the next week or two.

The Service stocked 2,500 rainbow trout yearlings weighing around 100 g into the Meander River on Wednesday 27 October. The stocking was undertaken as a trial to assess the potential of the Meander River as a rainbow trout fishery in addition to its resident brown trout population.
Read more at http://www.ifs.tas.gov.au/ifs/meander-rainbow-stocking

The remaining rainbow trout spawners, trapped in Liawenee Canal over the past month were stripped of eggs destined for triploid fish. Approximately 250,000 fertilised eggs were processed using the Service's new triploiding vessel. The processed eggs were brought to the IFS hatchery and placed in the incubator troughs to await hatching before transfer to the grow tanks. The young fish should be ready for stocking as fry in March, fingerling from around May and yearlings by September next year.

Read more at http://www.ifs.tas.gov.au/ifs/rainbow-trout-triploid-processing

Wishing you a good weekend,