Fishing around Devonport

The fishing at Devonport has been red hot the last few weeks despite the weather. A trip around town will show many people in boats and on shore fishing local waters. in the Mersey there are heaps if squid, with plenty of Salmon and Couta making a showing on the tide. Couta have been caught as far up river as Bells Pda at Latrobe. Bells Pde has also seen quite a fee Sea Runners being caught, mainly because of the incredible amounts of whitebait in the river and other local estuaries. There are few good Flathead also being caught near the mouth if the river.

Pt Sorell has a couple of good schools of Salmon moving up the rv with the tide and plenty if squid here also. Bream have started spawning run up the Rubicon. The Forth is going off with Sea Runners with the odd 5lb+ fish, majority are smaller fish though. David and Aaron Mercer caught some good size Salmon in numbers at the mouth last weekend.

Leroy Tirant

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