Peter Hayes 2010–2011 Season News

Dear Fly Fishing Friends,
In this issue:

1. Fly Casting School - dates for winter
Fly Fishing Products – bargain times with high dollar
The Season Past - highlights
Next Season – new and exciting changes

1. Winter Casting Dates – easily improve your skills and catch more fish

Every guide on the planet wishes their clients would come to them with better casting skills. Here is your opportunity to invest a little time this winter into this area of the sport. I have casting school commitments coming up in Malaysia and New Zealand shortly and this unfortunately combined with my private fishery rehabilitation work in Tasmania, results in very few opportunities for lessons this winter.

I know I can make a difference to your fishing success so please book online at as soon as possible and lets work together to help you catch more fish simply by improving your casting skills.


Fri 15 July: Private Lesson (1pm – 4 pm ) $300/1 or $450/2

Mon 18 July: Private Lessons (9am -12 pm) & (12 pm – 3 pm ) $300/1 or $450/2

Fri 7 Oct: Intermediate day (10am – 4 pm) $230

Sun 9 Oct: Beginner (1 pm – 4pm) $165

Mon 10 Oct: Private Lessons (10am -1pm) & (1pm – 4 pm ) $300/1 or $450/2 


Fri 26 Aug: Private Lessons (10am -1pm) & (1pm – 4 pm ) $300/1 or $450/2

Sat 27 Aug: Intermediate day (10am – 4 pm) $230

Cressy, Tasmania

Wed 22 Jun: (10am -1pm) $300/1 or $450/2

Conclaves and Live In weekend workshops

Unfortunately due to a clashing of dates with the AFL Grand Final I will not be holding the annual Melbourne Fly Fishing Conclave this season. I know that, like me, many of you will be disappointed. I will let you know the dates for the 2012 Conclave as soon as I set them.

On a more uplifting note the Cressy April ’11 Conclave was once again a huge success. Superb autumn weather, sensational food and wine and great camaraderie ensured the continuing success of this educational and fun end of season party event.

As usual most people have indicated a desire to rebook for next year so there will only be a few places available for the event on April 22/23/24 of 2012. The week after includes the Anzac day public holiday so some may wish to take advantage of the post event ‘5 day Stay On’ deal. Book online now to avoid disappointment.

On November 26/27 and February 25/26 I will conduct my ‘Weekend Live In Workshop’ programs. I will also offer the attendees the popular and modestly priced post event ‘5 Day Stay On’ package so that guests can practice what they have learnt and enjoy fishing the local northern rivers and highland lakes.

2. The Season Past – one of the most rewarding to date

I have just finished my 17th guiding season here in Tasmania and it has been the busiest yet. Constant rain throughout the summer has led to high river levels. Whilst opportunities were limited for good river fishing the high levels guarantee good fishing for the years to come. The lake fishing , particularly the Mayfly hatches benefitted from the rain.

The best river day easily comes to mind when Melbourne angler Mick Cruze caught 35 fish all on the dry fly. I would not be joking if I told you that Mick also missed a further 32 takes. It was a huge day!

My two octogenarian anglers Herb Hammer and Peter Faye had a great day drifting the Macquarie River in late spring. Between them they landed a dozen plump, fit brownies and 4 were fat 3 pounders. All the fish came to high floating ‘Philbrick Macquarie Reds’ . It was such a good day that we only floated just one kilometer of the 14 intended and I had to phone the car shuffler to get him to move the car back to the put in point.

The Highland lakes Mayfly fishing was as good as I have ever seen it. Just like the old days. Rodney Garlick fished in November for a week and averaged 15 per day. We polaroided shallows and caught them on both nymphs and dries. We fished out wide and caught in the hatches with possum emergers and slow drawn nymphs. We had a ball. I even managed a few in between landing Rodney’s. It was a sensational week of learning for Rod with so many opportunities.

Rod was sweating all week in the hope that the quality of fishing would last until the following Monday when his son Michael was due to fish with us for his first day of fly fishing.

Michael arrived on the Saturday for the weekend workshop program and proved to be a fast learner. Monday arrived and the weather was almost too good. Despite a slow start to the day the fish got rocking and rolling after lunch and Michael easily caught a dozen while Rod caught 8. I landed a hearty slap on the back for each fish Mike landed. 

I could sense Rod’s joy even though I never had a father to share the pleasure of fishing with. I was so pleased to be able to bring Rod and Michael together to share in a day of their lives that I know will live in their memories forever.

It makes me think that more of you should look for opportunities to spend quality time like this with your sons. 

Another lake day comes easily to mind. Herb and Peter had such a great time with me in November that they booked a second day in mid April. The rivers were stuffed so we headed to the lakes on a warm sunny, windless day in search of the famous Jassids.

At the end of the day we sat becalmed in the middle of Arthurs Lake. As the sun got low we chatted easily about our day and life generally. The boys commented that they had one of the best days fishing of their lives. Considering they had two lifetimes of fly fishing in their combined 172 years that was quite a statement.

Gladly there was no count but I guess we had well over a dozen good fish. We sight fished all day and not once cast blind. Jassids were everywhere we looked and the fish were going nuts. We used a single Philbrick #10 Red Tag on a long leader. “That is how fly fishing should be done” said Herb.

3. Product Sales – a great time to buy with the high dollar

The high Australian dollar means that there has never been a better time to buy US produced fly-fishing products. I recently purchased more of the fabulous Norvise fly tying products and some Sage rod, reel, line, case combos at nearly 1 AU to 1.10 USD.

I would love to pass on these terrific savings to you so if you are thinking about taking up fly tying of upgrading your old system then now is the time to do it. Likewise, if you are thinking of a second outfit or an entry level Sage combo for a friend or family member then you should do it now. Simply drop me an email with a card number and postal address and I will gladly wear the postal charges for your order.

The full Norvise tying kit including vice, automatic bobbin with 3 spare spools, travel case, mounting board, gallows and dubbing brush table is only $520

Sage Vantage 590-4 combo - rod, reel, line, leader, backing and tube with integral reel case is only $435

Accelerator Fly Casting Trainer.

The great Floyd Dean has finally been able to manufacture another small batch of his amazing gizmo’s that Lefty Kreh once said to me that it was “one of the best teaching tools he had ever seen”. Cost is only $125 posted to you

You might also like to check out the other unique fly fishing products under the ‘Products section of the website.

4. Next Season

Guided fishing: The coming season looks to be a busy one again. Because of the past seasons water levels I anticipate fantastic fishing on both streams and lakes. Nearly all my repeat clients have rebooked the same spaces again this year so my availability is very limited. Email me soon if you want a week.

Private Stream Fishing: This winter I am working tirelessly on completing the first of three stages of the private stream rehabilitation. In this coming season I anticipate fantastic fishing in a beautiful rehabilitated natural environment on just over 2 km of stream just a short stroll from the lodge.

Commonwealth Championships: In February we will be hosting some teams participating in the 2012 Commonwealth Fly Fishing Championships.. This will be a great time for all involved.

Kind regards