The Devonport Fly Fishing Club (Inc) will be holding their annual fly-fishing school at Bronte Lagoon in the Central Highlands from the 8th to the 13th January 2012.
This long running school has helped in excess of 1000 students over the years and is a great opportunity for beginners, or those with some experience, to learn and improve their fly-fishing.
Students are well supported with the club providing practical lessons and experienced instructors to help fast track their development. What could take someone years of practice and frustration by themselves can be learnt in this one week.
At a cost of $120 per student for the 5-day course it is well within the reach of everyone, with many students choosing to turn it into a family holiday. The club actively promotes women anglers attending the course and also junior anglers provided they are under adult supervision.
Students who undertake the course will be required to supply all their own angling gear and if choosing to camp on site will need to be self-sufficient. The club provides camping area, large marquees, fresh water and portable toilets. Showers and food are available at the nearby Bronte Park Highland Village.
Some of the topics covered by the course include Safety, Casting, Fishing Techniques, Knots and Leaders, Gear set up, Entomology, Reading Lakes, and Streams, and Fly Patterns. The learning atmosphere is relaxed and informal providing ample time for socialising and fishing also.
As usual the school will again cater for those people returning as second year students with a separate program that will enable them to take that next step and follow on from the previous years learning. More details available at
For further information or to enrol please contact any of the following.
Peter Burr - Camp Secretary - 6424 8287
David Best - Camp Chairperson - 6424 6628
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