Hook Line and Sinker (FTA)

Catch the new series of Australia’s favourite fishing duo on 7Mate!
Popular fishing series Hook, Line & Sinker is now in production with its eighth season after signing a deal with 7Mate for free-to-air broadcast of 20 new episodes beginning Saturday 19 May.
Scheduled for Saturdays at 5:00pm, the 7Mate agreement includes 20 brand new, premier episodes as well as some of the boys’ best episodes from their previous 7 seasons.

Shot entirely in stunning High Definition, hosts Nick Duigan and Andrew Hart take viewers across Australia to find the best fishing spots, provide fishing and cooking tips, and always provide a laugh with their wacky sense of humour. Hook, Line & Sinker is a program for all who love the outdoors, with trips planned for 20 brand new episodes, including:

Aimed at fisherman and non-fisherman alike, Hook, Line & Sinker is an adventure packed and often hilarious fishing show headed for 7MATE, Saturdays at 5:00pm from 19 May.

Additional Information
Video Presenter: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E90NNDgltIc
‘Rate My Fish’ iPhone App also available:
Scheduled to air 5:00pm Saturdays but can change due to live sport commitments – viewers are advised to check local guides
Previous 7 series of Hook, Line & Sinker were produced for Southern Cross Ten and are available on DVD
Official website: www.hooklinesinker.tv
Hosts are excellent talent and available for interview
**NOTE** As episodes are in production the media sampler showcases 2011 episodes
Host Biographies – Nick Duigan & Andrew Hart
Nick Duigan and Andrew Hart have been producing Hook, Line & Sinker for 10 years, when the pair first met in the news room of Southern Cross Television in Tasmania. They then 'borrowed' some camera gear, took holidays and made two pilot episodes of the show while working as news journalists in 2000. The show then ran in Tasmania only - where the boys continued to work on the local news, while going fishing whenever they could! In 2006 Hook, Line & Sinker went to air on the Southern Cross TEN network - with Regional Australia quickly learning to love the duo, who are the first to admit they don't know everything there is about fishing - in fact that's one of the shows differences - the boys put in the things other fishing shows leave out! This formula has seen the boys produce over 150 episodes. Nick and Andrew now run a production company called HLS Productions, which as well as Hook, Line & Sinker, also produces several other programs including Going Bush and Boating Tasmania.

Broadcaster: 7Mate   On Air: 5pm Saturdays