Supercharged Verado Savings ... up to $2,749!

Mercury Verado outboard engines regularly amaze boaters with their unmatched power and performance.
Now there’s a sales offer worthy of them.
You can save up to $2,749 as part of the 2012 Verado Supercharged Sale*.
To be eligible, simply speak to a participating dealer and buy a new Verado outboard with a SmartCraft kit (which includes MercMonitor, SC1000 System Speed/System Tach or VesselView gauges).
That’s it!

Ranging from 135 to 350 hp, supercharged Verado FourStroke outboards are simply in a class of their own.
Whether four or six cylinder models, Verados deliver jaw-dropping power from the bottom end right through to the top, they are remarkably fuel efficient, unbelievably quiet and they drive like a car.
Every Verado engine has Digital Throttle & Shift (DTS) as standard which provides lightning fast throttle response as well as added manoeuverability on the water and at docking. By removing long control cables, DTS also eliminates the need for shifting and throttle adjustments and reduces maintenance.
Verados also boast a valve train which stays maintenance-free for life (unlike many competitor four strokes) thanks to a unique and robust overhead cam design which means less cost and more time on the water.
And because the Verado is a Mercury outboard it comes with the best protection – an unbeatable 3+2=5 years factory backed warranty on recreational use 135-300hp outboards, as well as the industry’s only 3 year corrosion warranty.So now is the perfect time to save big dollars and enjoy all the benefits of a new Verado outboard with SmartCraft instrumentation.
Act now - the Verado Supercharged Sale is open to all recreational and commercial use customers but it only runs until 31st August 2012.
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