Magnum Tropic

When Scientific Anglers released their Sharkskin Magnum Taper fly line in 2008, it immediately found a niche among fly fishers seeking a line that could excel in windy conditions, turn over wind resistance flies and deliver heavy strike-indicator nymph rigs. While southern fly fishers found the Magnum Taper great for coping with Tasmania's highland gales or firing out weighted nymph rigs into Snowy Mountain rivers, a few professional guides saw the lines attributes equally applicable for delivering heavy Clousers into wind or turning over wind-resistant flies such Dahlbergs and Poppers and requested a saltwater tropical version. Scientific Anglers quickly responded with their Sharkskin Magnum Tropic line.

While retaining all the performance features of its freshwater counterpart, such as being a half line size heavier to suit the modern high-performance saltwater rods, a unique front taper and high floatation for easy lift off the water and rapid-response casting, the Magnum Tropic is built on a stiff braided monofilament core to suit hot weather conditions. This line will no doubt appeal to fly anglers targeting Barra, Saratoga and Bass etc, using large bulky flies. The line also features 3M's Sharkskin technology, which many pundits say has been the biggest technological leap in the fly fishing since carbon fibre supplanted fibreglass as a premium rod building material.

Colour: Pale Yellow  Available in WF-6-F thru WF-12-F  RRP$129.95
Contact: Mayfly Tackle Pty Ltd 03 9899 0034