Penstock Lagoon Report 20/4/2012

Had an RDO on Friday so thought I would take the opportunity to get one last fish in at the lakes before the season closes for the year. After heading the the shack at Arthur's Thursday night I had decided to fish penstock at first light in hope of some late season action in the shallows.

Upon arrival things looked good, there was no wind and it was an overcast drizzly morning, prime conditions for tailers! I walked the back shore from the dam wall to the private property, encountering just a couple of fish on this stretch not to mention the couple of hundred black swans that were moving around feeding as well. By the time I walked this shore the swans had turned the water from clear into a murky looking soup of reeds, mud and poo.

Frustrated I drove to beginners bay (where there were no swans) and managed to find half a dozen or so fish moving in the shallows. The fish were feeding erratically and seemed to be more in spawning mode, chasing each other or swimming around in pairs. After much frustration I did manage to trick one 3lb specimen into eating a suspended nymph but managed little interest from other fish. I decided to head back to the shack for a coffee and some breaky.

Something needs to be done about the prolific numbers of swans present at penstock lagoon or they will cause so much damage to the water and plant life it may be lost as a feature fishery.
Shaun Lintner

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