Opening weekend reports

Four Springs
Four Springs.. was like Sydney Harbour as Roger Mies and I took to the
water.. we counted 26 cars and boat trailers.. madness ! It was a cold
and calm morning with most angers seeming to catch a couple. We both
fly fished and ended up with 5 for our brief two hour session with all
coming to wet flies and all in fantastic condition; the rainbows were
all about 2 pound but resembled Sherrin Footballs and put on a huge
display ripping line off the reel.

The browns were obviously Great Lake
spawners who had put on great condition since being released in the
lake. On this occasion it was Rog who got the honours with 3 to my 2
but as usual a great time  was has had by all.We intended to weigh
them at the Longford Fishing club weigh in area but didnt see any sign
of this in the car park or along the shore
Rob Soward

Four Springs
Fished Sunday in very calm conditions from about 10 a.m. until 3 p.m.
About a dozen boats on the water and plenty of space in the carpark.
Quite a few boats trolling, and apart from myself only saw two other
on the shore fly fishing. Caught three on black and green Woolly
Buggers. Two about ¾ kilo and one a bit better than one kilo. All in
good condition. All the trollers seemed to have caught a couple.
Arthurs Lake
A variety of reports from here. Patchy results, but some fly fishers
caught several fish, but they seem localised. Ninety percent of these
fish were in great condition, whilst lure and bait fishers reported
about half the fish were in reasonable condition.

Tooms Lake Report from Rod Summers
3.45 am Lou silences the alarm. Out of bed, gather my clothes from the
floor heating. Out to start my Ag bike with bottles of warm milk in my
pocket and down to the lambing shed. It was an early breakfast for the
little orphans and those ewes in the shed with their new born lambs.
It’s now 4.45am boat is behind the Rodeo and Lou and I are on the road
to Tooms Lake. Yes, it is the first day of the new Trout season (I had
not ‘first dayed’ since the late 50’s when I fished with my
grandfather with worms as bait in the floodwater of the North Esk).
Our journey down to Tooms was in clear cloudless skies only to find
heavy fog covering the lake upon arrival.
The launching area was empty so we launched beside the badly
constructed boat ramp. After visiting our fellow ‘presidents’ who had
camped lakeside, we decided to drift spin some 100 metres from the
shore waiting for the fog to clear. 8.15am saw us commence to troll
but alas the water pump on our auxiliary failed to work. Only option
was to use the 60hp motor – way too fast – what a bugger!  The action
of the lures was wrong and most spun tangling the lines. Some luck was
on our side as we were able to catch two nice rainbows, one on the bow
and the other on the nylon and both on lures that I had designed
myself. We named them ‘Thorp’ and ‘Perkins’, they sure had to be to
catch the lures!  After the cold start the water remained flat clam
with a warm bright sunny morning to follow.
We left the flotilla of 30 plus boats at midday to return home to the
joys of lambing – yes two more sets of twins.
Why did we go?   ‘President Todd’ said we had to (I’m glad he did
because as if the love of fishing would have got me out there)!
Well, that's day one of the new fishing season over with many more to
come!   Go the Presidents!

Little Pine
Had a couple of days at skittle balls on the pine.
Cricket pitch iced over until midday on the Saturday.... about when I
hit the lake. The lake is at a great level for tailers, if it stays at
that level it is great fishing.
Found a couple moving caught one. One of lads caught 3.
Saw a few tailing but it was bloody cold.
Picked up 2 more tailing during arvo. Fish a little slabby but awesome
to sight fish opening weekend hope all had an enjoyable opening

Little Pine
Monday conditions were flat calm at 10 a.m. but a slight breeze formed
later. Not enough breeze to deploy the drogue though. Six hours for
about 10-12 fish between two anglers on a variety of Woolly Buggers.
Water very clear almost to the dam where it is slightly coloured. No
big fish, but all in good nick. Level is high.