World Fly Fishing Championships Day 2

The world flyfishing championships is a “5 quarter “competition! I am pleased to report at "half time" with 2 sessions to go Aussies have had a good day on the river and lake with No Blanks. Considering the conditions an outstanding feat!

Australia after 3 sessions is 8th an improvement of 4 positions from last evening. Tomorrow another day is Am and Pm  sessions on lake and river.

Jonathon Stagg had a good day on the hardest sector the lower lake Myczkowce and scored that was all he required. Dropping to 10th place BUT he has 2 river sessions tomorrow. With  reasonable  beat draw and the fact that many of his close competitors have to fish the vagaries of the lake I am hopeful of "Staggy" ending with an individual  result reflecting his truly outstanding ability as a fly fisherman  and competitiveness.

Other results are "Comeback Riley" 2nd in his river section reflecting the qualities that have him respected both home and by the most competitive European countries and anglers !

Emelio and Craig 3rd in their sessions and  Max caught 2 fish in his which was excellent for his lower peg on the San section V. Unfortunately as in all competitions of this nature the beats  can never be equal and the upper beats fished stronger pushing Max down the list!

The conditions are now as we expected low water glides and visible structure. Olive and caddis hatches are starting mid morning but not yet producing their summer abundance! large Grayling ate seen lying dogo on the bottom of pools and  are are not responding to fisherman's offerings. Meanwhile the juveniles provide the sport and any fish rising has become ready target with success more often than not! Dry fly and nymphing in all its combinations with excellent presentation and drift achieve an appropriate reward.

Team morale is great and support for each of their team mates is great!

Local news:

1.     The speed limit is advisory and it is not infrequent to be driven at well over the limit !

2.     Speed cameras are plentiful!

3.     Speed cameras are set at 80 as if they record the true speed in 40 50 and 60 zones too many drivers would be booked!

4.     Cars travel at 80+  in built up areas!

5.     Polish election Sunday and two brothers are facing off!

6.     It is true that Foreign movies are dubbed with a single voice used for male and female roles!

7.     Weather for tomorrow! - occasional rain and drizzle

Final day!

After 3 sessions of competition the quarry are wary! Again it is  a fact of fly fishing competitions many results are beat dependent. Our fortunes as team and the  individual do hang in the draw on the last day!

Our strongest river fishermen are on the rivers and thanks to Jeremy Richard and Fulling Mill flies supplied by Barry Unwin we are prepared.

Max Craig and Emillio are on the lake and  I know they will use all their cunning and team supplied intelligence to avoid the blank! A situation that is important for a great team result!

The guys are in excellent physical health and energy levels are high. The rest this Pm will do no one harm. Our preparation over the long term will see everyone finishing the competition OK physically with  those proceeding on to the Commonwealth competition, ready for the challenges in Wales!

Again thanks to our Corporate supporters and sponsors

Particularly  the official sponsors, Fulling Mill, Qantas, Columbia Outdoor gear, Mayfly tackle, Vision rods

Members of FFA and Australians interested in competitive fly fishing this is a team to be proud of! The team committed themselves to excellence, trained hard arrived early and  suffered the exasperation of a flood during preparation. In competition each has given their all and they caught when they can! Again lessons have been learnt we will build on this experience. The result is still their for the taking! The final results will be published on 

Regards From all the team to our supporters and please say a little prayer to the fishing gods for tomorrow and the competitors of Team Australia who have trained so hard and given so  much!

Peter Dixon