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The October edition of Tasmanian Fishing and Boating News covers a broad range from small fish waters to kayaks, monster trout, Western Lakes, Bill Beck and sustainable seafood.
It is a glorious time of the year as weather warms, days lengthen and fishing improves. 

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Bill Beck is one of Tasmania's most experienced fishing guides and he reveals some secrets and secret flies - especially about Little Pine Lagoon.


In the saltwater I am still hearing of tuna being caught, which is extraordinary. Calamari are now high on the list and are one of Tasmania’s finest seafoods. Tasmania’s calamari can be huge, and of course they are very tasty and fun to catch.

Whilst on calamari check out the story by Adrian Meder on ‘Sustainable Fish’ and what you should eat - especially in restaurants.



If you are a trout angler in Tasmania and breathing you will have heard of the huge trout that are a feature of Lake Crescent. Fish of 6-7lb are considered small and if enough time is spent you will catch one over 10 pounds. As we went to press a fish of 17 pounds was apparently landed. I have no doubt we will see fish of over 20 pounds this season.


Let’s hope Arthurs fires up this year. Down the track Woods has fished well early, but it is low.
Likewise the eastern part of the State and both Lake Leake and Tooms are also low.

Enjoy the fishing and enjoy the read.

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