Issue 139 November 2019 - January 2020

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Long Live the King — Janet Lambert Page 3
Mersey River - Top to Bottom — Shane Flude Page 5
Plan B - Australian Salmon — Gavin Hicks Page 11
World Fly Fishing Championships — Update Page 14
Tips from the Australian Fly Fishing Team — Manic Tackle Project Page 15
Citizen Science — Jo Starling Page 18
Mission Accomplished - Permit on Fly — Mike Stevens Page 26
From Little Things — Steve Starling Page 31
Dam Rewarding — Craig Rist Page 34
Summer Flies — Shane Broadby Page 37
No Better Place on Earth — Shaun Cooper Page 38
Calamari — Matt Sherriff Page 41
Inland Fisheries Service report Page 44
Recreational Marine Fishing News Page 45

From this issue we are changing to a quarterly – seasonal magazine. We have packed more in and will continue to do so. It makes more sense to us and will be much easier to manage.

If you are a subscriber your subscription will continue on just the same. Cover price will not change.

Summer is such a hoot and the fishing, no matter what you chase will reward you.

King George Whiting continues to be an outstanding fishery and we all should take care of it. There certainly seems to be bigger fish in Tasmania than anywhere else.

Shane Flude has a great piece on the Mersey River - surely one of the top 2-3 rivers in Tasmania. If you are not inspired to visit the Mersey more often I would be surprised.

We also have a whole bunch of simple and easily used tips from the Australian Fly Fishing Team. These guys are at the top of their game and will be fishing for Australia in Tasmania this December, so read their tips and use them. It is often only little things that can make the biggest difference.

The cover shot is trout of many steps. Shaun Cooper and quite a large and diverse group of people much younger than me walk a long way to find fish like these. The weather doesn’t matter and distance doesn’t seem to bother them either. These guys, and perhaps girls don’t seem bothered by a walk of 30-40 kilometres into Tasmania’s Western Lakes — I sometimes get tired even driving that far.

But the rewards for a long walk can often be solitude, untouched waters and big fish. Not many people kill fish they catch in the Western Lakes, except for an occasional one to eat.

The fish are rarely easy to catch and mostly anglers want to see the fish before casting to them. Sight fishing is the goal and it is not rare for anglers to not even have a cast for the day. It is addictive, personal and self satisfying.

Lastly; I caught a Permit on fly. There are at least two different Permit species in the World. The Australian one looks similar to its Northern cousin, but apparently easier to catch.

It was not easy, but now ticked off.

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