Issue 142 August - October 2020

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World Champion’s Winning Techniques – Penstock Lagoon — Howard Croston
The Old Masters — Hilary Burden
Lake Techniques — Casey Pfeiffer
Recreational Bag Limits — Todd Lambert
Great Lake in Winter — Shaun Cooper
Bream – Gangsters of the Estuary — James Sinnamon
Lure Tactics for Trout — Colby Lesko
Bluefin Tuna on Fly — Tim Johnson
Tom Jones – The Real Version — Peter Hayes
Bluefin Tuna on surface lures - Scott Gray
Rivers in Crisis – Who Cares — Howard Jones
Trout Season Outlook — IFS
Winter Bream — Nathan Huizing
Early Trout Season Lure Fishing Setup — Matt Sherriff
Recreational Marine Fishing News

It is fantastic to be able to run a story written by World Fly Fishing Champion, Howard Croston. There were many emails between us and once I got the story, he told me he had no photos he could send me. Norm Cribbin from Hobart was his controller and a quick email to him secured the photos. Read his article carefully and follow his thought process. The way he talks about analysing the immediate situation is food for thought. It signals to me that most anglers do not think their fishing through as much as they should.

There is a lovely article by a journalist I really admire — Hilary Burden, on three wise old fishermen. One is very well known to northern anglers, Terry Charlton. Terry started Charltons Sports Store in Launceston. It was here I bought my first fly rod — a Hardy JET. It was a blank and I built it up. I also remember buying a Fenwick Graphite rod in the mid 1970s from memory. Charltons was an institution — sadly, like many other sports store — now gone. Hilary’s story on the three wise fishers from Swansea is a terrific example of how fishing can keep you active – physically and mentally.

Our Field Editor, Lubin has also come up with some great stories on bream, trout and tuna by new writers Nathan Huizing, Colby Lesko and Scott Gray.

We also have a couple of stories that are a little more in depth and raise questions regarding riverine water management and marine bag limits.

I urge you to read these stories closely as there are good messages within — maybe we you can help with suggestions and/or solutions. The authors are happy for their contacts to be shared.

The elephant in the room: Covid–19/Corona Virus has devastated the World, and at the moment Victoria is copping a second and catastrophic wave. Tasmania has been fortunate, due to hard work by Government, health workers and vigilant public, to have, at the moment, escaped the worst of it - and a second wave.

Tasmanians can fish and travel and stay within our lovely island with the big moat around it. Indications are the opening was very well patronised, but the five $10,000 trout IFS has planted in waters around Tasmania have survived.

It seems to me Covid 19 has galvanised anglers and participation has been a great isolation and escape mechanism. Gamefishing has continued on like rarely before and the trout season started with a boom in licence sales that has neot been seen for many years.

IFS reported very good participation over opening weekend and a cold few days following that will alows water to settle again. All that is needed now is some good top up rain and the trout season will be a cracker.

IFS has placed five tagged trout into the following waters: Arthurs Lake, Lake Burbury, yingina / Great Lake, Lake Pedder and Lake Rowallan. You will find more details on page 39.

Sherriff Outdoor Agencies have, with the endorsement of IFS also put some tagged trout in Huntsman Lake. There are good prizes for these fish, so check them out on their Facebook page.

Whilst many talk of print media diminishing this issue is the biggest we have ever published. It has a broad range of stories that are educational and informative.

Thank you everyone for your support, Mike Stevens


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