tooms-lake-2014-09-07-bTooms Lake 7/9/2014

Dale Howard, his son Trevor and myself went to Tooms today,
The weather was sensational, managed ten nice rainbows on  Yep black n gold Flappers and Red Rascals.
We kept 5 and released 5.

Regards, Todd

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Tooms Lake Report 22/8/2013

Back home, after a rather cool few days on Tooms one of the coldest nights on Tues.night don't know what it got down to, but there was  plenty of ice around the shore in the morning.
The water temperature never rose above 6.1 c, nevertheless I managed 5 very nice browns and lost 1 along side and 1 due to poor net practice.
Most were caught drift spinning, with Dales Red Nut the main weapon of choice. Thanks Dale.
This coming weekend may well be nice weather, and with some good Westerly weather should help.
Myself, a mate, and one other camper were the only inhabitants in residence.
All the best to my fellow Presidents for the angling ahead.
Pres. Reg Travers

Tooms Lake 3/8/2012

Friday afternoon went with daughter Kiri-Lee to Tooms Lake to meet up with Mick Barrett and his wife Shirley. The weather was cool and light occasional showers. Launched boat after breakfast Saturday and Mick caught first rainbow trolling back to campsite. Mick, Kiri-Lee and I then fished till lunchtime with me boating two rainbows. The afternoon was a little less productive with each of us hooking up but failing to land one until Mick hooked a nice brown, this being the only one landed for the session.

President Clubs Latest Outing

Here we are home again cleaning up gear and reflecting upon the President clubs latest outing.
Thursday morning saw 5 Presidents head to Tooms Lake early to ensure our usual camping spot, thank goodness they did as car after car came in on the Friday morning with the same idea. The shorelines soon turned into “little cities” of makeshift campers and tents.

 Tooms Lake Report

I am back at work after two weeks holidays. Then spent one week catching up on all I needed to do at work. A mate of mine came over from western Australia which some of you might remember from fishing gear many years ago. We fished Tooms first.

Tooms Lake, October 13 2010

Finished with 16 in total only five of which were browns, rainbows very strong & pulled like little freight trains.

Two Short Reports

Just this minute talking to Johnny who is staying at Tooms as we speak( in the Ross anglers shack) alongside Dan and Gary ...they went out for an hour this avo and caught three all around the three and a half pound mark, two caught on "Slim Jims " and the other on a mudeye pattern.
Cheers, Todd

Tooms Lake - Presidents report

by Todd Lambert

Thursday  5th August
Left home around after hooking up with fellow Presidents Jim &
Virginia McKenna.
Upon arrival at Tooms a couple of hours later (had a couple of stops),
we soon found a great camping area near the dam wall and were
surprised to see only one other camp set up along the shoreline, but
many, many others already set up in the bushland behind us. Perhaps
they know something we don't?... we thought.

Tooms Lake Fishing Report Saturday 1st May 2010

A few of my mates and myself  decided to have one final fling before  "Seasons end" ,  organizing a BBQ, casual day out and any fish we caught ....would be viewed as a bonus.
Where to go?  Tooms Lake of course!!!!

Tooms Lake

by Greg French

Tooms lake has always been a very good, if underrated, water, but over the last six or seven years it has fished extraordinarily well and visitation has increased dramatically. Greg French profiles this remarkable fishery.

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