Tooms Lake - Presidents report

by Todd Lambert

Thursday  5th August
Left home around after hooking up with fellow Presidents Jim &
Virginia McKenna.
Upon arrival at Tooms a couple of hours later (had a couple of stops),
we soon found a great camping area near the dam wall and were
surprised to see only one other camp set up along the shoreline, but
many, many others already set up in the bushland behind us. Perhaps
they know something we don't?... we thought.

In hindsight, we were very exposed in this location but we needed an
area where we could throw a couple of wattle grubs in for the young
Presidents, Patrick, Trevor and Jacob and of course, to keep an eye on
our boats moored on the shoreline in front of the camp.
Thankfully the forecast was on our side giving us almost perfect
weather conditions, as the pictures in this report will show.
The nights were cold, as is to be expected, but this was more than
offset with the portable wood heater and a huge pile of wood that
President Brian Allan had cut and hidden in the bush for us to pick up
on our arrival. He did this when staying at his in-laws Tooms Lake
shack the week before.
We were joined later that evening by President’s Gary Long, Reg
Travers and John Dekkers.
A great night was had stirring both the fires coals ........and each other.

Friday 6th August
The day was spent just basically “scratching around” and setting all
the gear up in readiness for the much anticipated opening.....
Around lunchtime we received an unexpected surprise visit  from
Presidents Rose & Vic Muirhead, and then spent a pleasant afternoon
with them telling “lies” about our fishing prowess.
The Muirheads, Jamison and Mathews families were reluctant apologies
for this trip, but we look forward to seeing them at future ones.
They left around 4.30pm and we were then joined by Dale Howard and his
son Trevor, and Jamie and Patrick Morehouse and our mainland member
Kevin Wilkinson.
Tents set up and boats were launched in readiness  for a quick “get
away” on opening day then more lies were told ..........about our
fishing prowess.

Opening Day Saturday 6th August
5.30am movement aplenty, the billy was boiled and more stories relayed
regarding our fishing prowess, and we waited.... for the fog to lift
so we can jump in our boats at first light.
Presidents Rod Summers and Louise Jackson dropped in for a quick hello
before departing for a very speedy fishing trip; lambing on their farm
has kept them from giving the day too much effort.
Rod was also to find out later that his small motor wasn't running
well and had to make do with his big one...don't know how they
finished up. Looking forward to a Presidents report Rod and Louise!!!
We had ABC radio on, waiting for Mike Stevens to do his fishing
segment, he mentioned being on the road heading down to his “idiot
mates” at Tooms. Dale Howard dared me to ring the show and stir him up
online, which I did.
I introduced myself  as Mike’s idiot mates and they put me on air with
that introduction...Mikes reply was, the are not complete idiots,
“because they are not complete”!!
More stirring was to be had upon his arrival.

We delayed launching our boats, due to the foggy conditions.
An elderly angler gets out beside us and proceeds to set up his grub
hooks and  rods.
In less than half an hour later he pulled in 3 nice size
rainbows...when we returned for breakfast at 8.30 am. he was gone,
presumably with his bag.
The first of the weekends fish were proudly displayed at this time,
along with the seasons first tales of the big ones that got away,
unfortunately it was me running that line.
Neil Morrow and Chris Wizniewski of the IFS called in for an egg ‘n’
bacon roll, a licence check and photographed some of our catch.

Johnny Dekkers had two nice browns on the fly (see pictures)
Virginia Mckenna had a nice brown on a plastic and Dale Howard a small
rainbow on  soft Plastic........but their condition was fantastic

After breakfast we all headed out again but the water turned to glass
and the fishing was harder....or it was for me at least.
My wife Janet turned up around 10.30am and Jamie volunteered to take
my daughters out for a quick fish, in no time at all he was back in
with them and 5 more to the tally swimming around the live well.
Score: Stacey 3, Demi 1, Jamie 1. Todd still 0.

At this point I would like to thank Jamie, as our boat is still a
couple of weeks away, he never ever says no to sacrificing a bit of
his fishing time to help my kids and I don't know whose face had the
biggest smile on it, his or my daughters as they proudly displayed
their catch.
In fact everyone in the group is very generous in that regard  and
this was demonstrated time and time again throughout the weekend as
passengers and boats were swapped amongst ourselves so that everyone
had the opportunity to have a crack at “Mister & Mrs Speckles.”

The Best player
Well its been a while coming but you can’t keep a good man down and
that award goes to Dale Howard and his son Trevor who came in with 6
nice ones including this 5.18 pound monster....all caught on his Red
They had nothing to show at 3pm apart from the small one he caught
before breakfast, but  they came home like steam trains to win
“bragging rights.”
Well done guys. Unfortunately they had to leave on the Saturday night
as Trevor had junior football the next day, but it was very ,very late
before they made the move.... such was the fun they were having. The
Howards are a fantastic family and everyone loved seeing this likeable
larrikin and his son  kick our butts!!
As promised to the boys, the bait rods were set up that evening and
the wattle grubs put in, alas nothing was caught that night, but four
nice ones were landed this morning, the best time seemed to be from
around 6am until 8am.
That pretty much sums up our opening weekend in a nutshell, everybody
attending had an absolute ball, 26 fish caught, on all methods, soft
plastic, fly, lure and bait.
Anything resembling a Galaxiad is the go.... All fish caught had them
in their stomachs, one fish had ten.
If they never had Galaxias they were full of caddis and scud...and I
mean full, so obviously there is still some pretty fertile weed beds
left in the lake.
Their condition was in a word fantastic and they are “as expected”,
extremely strong fish.
My thanks to everyone for a fantastic weekend, and we hope to see many
more of you as the season rolls on....Just to let you know I am still
to open my account...but not to be out done, will still tell anyone
that hangs around long enough to listen ...about my fishing prowess.
This is President Todd Lambert Signing off....good fishing to you all.


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