Tooms Lake Report

I am back at work after two weeks holidays. Then spent one week catching up on all I needed to do at work. A mate of mine came over from western Australia which some of you might remember from fishing gear many years ago. We fished Tooms first.

Had some absolutely crap weather for the three days we were there. 35-40 knot southwesters snow, hail and rain. So no midge hatches. However we caught some good fish with  23 boated. 12 of those were browns which we caught one 5 pounder two 4 pounders and the rest 2½ to 3 pound. We only caught a handful on fly and that was flogging wets. The rest were  spinning theedges with Rapalas and Nilsmasters.
The next three days we went searunner fishing on the west coast. Peter caught a 9 pounder a corker of a fish that we released. I picked up a 5½ pounder and dropped two fish that looked big. They were also caught on Rapala and Nilsmaster lures. We then proceeded up to the highlands for a few days based at the pine. I took the kids so I was pretty restricted but another mate of mine and Pete caught a heap of fish on the fly. They said some fish were quite poor but the fishing was all sight fishing so good fun.
I fished the Pine and picked up a few but they were really poor fish almost throw away it would be interesting to know if anyone else thinks the fish around the edges in the Pine are crap this year. I then spent the rest of my holidays fishing Four Spring for the dun hatches. Had a ball in the boat. The fishing was pretty tough but if you spent the time on the water you found fish moving. Caught 9 fish all browns over the 5 days I  fished it between 3 1/2 pounds and one magic 6 pounder. Also got broken off by a shifter!!! Gaz France and myself fished it one of the days and found heaps of ants on it. I
missed 8 fish which I pricked or played for 10 -20 seconds had one of those days. Gaz caught 2 excellent brownies I caught one. I also took the kids camping at Woods Lake on the weekend. Caught 6 little fish between ½ pound and 1 ½ pound all trolling.
Tight lines all, Shaun.

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