Great Lake Report 16/10/2011

It’s me again with a report from the Great Lake today.
Bailey & I went to the Nineteen Lagoons to fish a couple of lakes that I haven't fished for a few years but it was blowing a “bloody gale” so we decided to fish the Great Lake from the shore using softies.

We ended up with seven brownies; fish were caught from Boundary Bay and Tods Corner.
Fish from Boundary were in really good nick with very pink flesh, but the ones caught from Tods were slabby.
We kept three and released the rest, fish were caught on Yep black and gold flappers and a couple on Berkley Black “n” Gold T.Tails.
We had strong North West winds here but it was a bit more sheltered than the Nineteen Lagoons area.
PS Sorry about the paint all over my hands on pics from the last couple of reports, Bailey has had me in such a hurry to go fishing that I haven't got time to do anything.


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