Great Lake and Lake Augusta West 7/11/2011

Alan Donohue, Bailey, Jack Seabourne and myself fished at the Great Lake on Saturday afternoon in very bright sunny conditions and landed a few nice browns, Dale Howard wanted us to try a new softie for him which is a 2.5 inch black & gold paddle tail called “Devils tongue”, and it worked well in the Great Lake and in Augusta, catching several trout.

We also caught a couple of nice ones in the middle of Great Lake on the dry, this fly consisted of an orange hackle with red tail which I tied especially for fish cruising in the waves, it works well and very visible which is good for me as my eyesight ain’t what it used to be!!
On Sunday we fished Augusta West, blowing a bit when we arrived and was blowing a good 35 knots when we left, still, we caught some nice fish, two being rainbows, fished here from 9am till 3pm, so all up we caught 16 trout.
Back at the shack later that arvo we had some Fallow deer outside our window which was a sight, the boys couldn't believe how close they were.
Anyway, we had a great weekend, would have loved to fish today as the lake was calm as, ..but had to get back early.

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