Arthurs Lake and Great Lake

We had a trip to the highlands on Saturday arvo and fished Great Lake. Sunday saw us at Arthurs Lake with my old fishing mate Roundy... Below is the wrap up of the weekend. We arrived on Great Lake around lunch time, conditions weren’t too bad when we arrived but deteriated as the afternoon went on, it got very cold and windy. We stuck it out for a couple of hours for one brown caught by Roundy around the 3lb mark and a couple of misses on the softies.


Headed back to the shack to dry out / warm up... and have a few scotches. Next day arrived at Arthurs Lake around 10am and fished till 3pm, we had a fantastic session catching 26 brownies with Dales Yep hard body "Golden Seducer" & the "Red Nut" doing all the damage. We also lost as many as were caught. They are great lures, Dales tip to fish in Pumphouse Bay turned out to be right on the money, this is indeed a hot spot as most were caught here. A few were caught in Hydro bay as well, thanks Unit.
We kept 15 for a feed and released the rest; size was a bit disappointing though.
Size of fish would have been around 3/4lb up to nearly 2lb.


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