St Helens Gamefishing report

Gamefishing off St Helens continues to produce consistent results in the area of tuna numbers, especially albacore close in around 2-4 miles from shore. Last weekend albacore and striped tuna were prolific, with our largest albacore Saturday 19th March at 22 Kg on a small skirted trolling lure. Water temp is around the 17-18 degrees. The key is to look for the deep blue colour water edging up against the greener grubbier water. Saturday produced a 27 Kg yellowfin tuna on Merricks reef, with other similar fish being hooked up the same day.

Most of the tuna appear to be feeding on quite large baitfish in the form of small barracouta, mackerel, squid and redbait. The bait schools have built up, especially inshore over the last 2 weeks. A few marlin have been sighted, so hopefully over the next few months these bigger fish will start to come in to feed.
Rocky Carosi, Professional Charters.





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