St Helens Grand Slam results

Everyone was a winner at the St Helens Grand Slam held on 24 January at Georges Bay on Tasmania's east coast.

The rollup for a low profile and inaugural event was spectacular with 29 teams and about 70 anglers competing for no prizes. The only thing on offer was three trophies for the top three and an equally spectacular trophy for a "Room for improvement" award.

The big winner on the day was Canteen with a cheque going to them for $1600. Canteen supports young people living with cancer.

The other winners were Michael Haley's team from St Helens in first place, Jamie Henderson from St Helens second and Les Simms team from Devonport third.

Whilst many thought the bream would be the tough fish to complete the three "Grand Slam" essential fish that was not the case. The common old Australian salmon brought many undone and seemed as elusive as bream once were. Michael Haley and Les Simms just happenned to be in the right place at the right time and both managed salmon over 50 cm and this made the difference for them. It was alleged that Michael caught his trolling - legal, but embarassing. Only the top 5-6 teams caught all three fish; Australian salmon, silver trevally and bream. The bonus species which gave anglers an extra five points for each species certainly proved to be a good addition and really closed up the field with 4th to 10th quite close.

The weather was atrocious, but the friendship and fun that was had more than made up for it. A 7.30 start was interrupted by a long lunch generously cooked and provided by Coastal Marine. The finish at 4 pm and wrap up was efficient and whilst it was the goal to photograph fish on brag mats and then download and check the photos it wasn't necessary and the difference in points between the top three was substantial. Next year when it will be run again though ther will be checks.

A special thanks to Stevens Publishing, Coastal Marine, Castelmaine XXXX, The Examiner Newspaper and the Rotary Club of St Helens for their support. 



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