St Helens Fishing Report

We have just returned from St Helens.  Where all I can say is that I kicked ass!!  And am seriously thinking about becoming a fishing guide - I'm just beginning to realise how talented I am when it comes to fishing!!!! Ha ha ha
First morning fishing - in all the spots Mike so kindly "showed" us last visit and I was the only one to catch a fish - I think it was a Taylor - even after Patrick refused to let me even hold his rod and Jamie wasn't real keen on letting me near his - the poor excuse for a rod and reel they had me using - I think I will have to invest in a new one soon.
The boys decided (I think because they knew it was too early for me) to go 5.30 ish Sunday morning and had fun with the blackback Salmon - all mostly between 2 - 2.5 lb but one about 3.5 lb, Silver Trevally and a small tailor.  Later that day they took me back out - near the oyster racks where I caught a nice Flathead and Leather Jacket and some small Silver Trevally - some of which they also caught but nearly too small to mention....

Once again they set off early next morning catching some Salmon and Silver Trevally again but not as much as previous day and on their return  asked me what I wanted to do - i.e. Surf Fishing, Fishing in Grants Lagoon or going Bream fishing in Scamander River - I wanted to go Surf Fishing but oh no - the wind was blowing the wrong way - so off to the Scamander River we go (I think this is where Jamie really wanted to go and wanted it to seem that I had made the choice!!!).  The boys saw lots of HUGE Bream and caught some nice sized ones - seems I also need a pair of Polarised Glasses to see the fish with also - here I also caught a small Salmon and vowed not to return in the near future.
Anyway we are home now and I am amazed at how quickly the Boat has been vacuumed, washed, primed - ready for the next trip perhaps .......
Cheers, Donna
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