tasfish.com St Helens Charity Grandslam raises $1660

The St Helens Charity Grandslam was run and won Saturday 29 January at the St Helens Regatta. Bigger and better than ever it raised $1660 for a charity that will be announced shortly. It will be announced here.
This amount was only possible due to the support of www.tasfish.com, Tamar Marine, Coastal Marine and the Rotary Club of St Helens. Their generosity is priceless and we sincerely thank them.

Perfect weather with a light breeze greeted the start at 8 a.m. and with the tide just starting to run out many used the chance to chase a bream the first target of three target species to make up the Grand Slam trio. The other two fish were trevally and Australian salmon.
33 teams competed and the top 14 teams all caught their Grand Slam with points award at one point per legal centimetre. After these there is a bonus of 10 points per extra species. It is a great system that seems to really work well.
Positions were:
1 Green Machine - John and Michael Tetlow 161 points
2 Half Cab Heroes - Troy Triffet, Steve Taylor and Shannon Venton 157
points (same points as thiord, but bigger Grand Slam trio.)
3 Get a mullet up ya - Brendan Turriff and Ben Hill 157 points
4 Tasfish.com/Bigfin - Mike Stevens and Leroy Tirant 145 points
5 Yep Tassie Tackle - Dale and Trevor Howard, Jonty Heaver 139 points
6 Hope and Prey - Peter Tuck, David Kelly, Dane Porter 131 points
7 Wombles - Greg Woods, Don Johnson 130 points
8 Brum - Danni Suttil, Antony Suttil, Craig Vertigan 129 points
9 Bigfin - Mason and Daniel Paull 127 points
10 Lox Rods - Shane Ling, Zoe Ling, Hayley Ling 126 points
11 Bream It On - Nigel Harris, Josh Williams 123 points
12 Tightlines - Darren Richards, Jason Fiddian, Nigel Stingel 121 points
13 St Helens Bait and Tackle - Grant Stingel, Jamie Henderson, Mark Quarrell 111 points
14 True Tales - Luke Hadley, Peter Hadley, Owen Rowlings 111 points
15 Lamberts Legends - Todd, Janet, Demi, Stacey, Jacob Lambert and Virginia McKenna 101 points
16 ANSA Team 3 - Jake, Michael Caruso and Peter Broah 97 points
17 ANSA Team 1 - Nick Crawford and Chris Luttrell 93 points
18 Billi$tic - Dwayne Evans, Karen, Nick and Matt Towns 81 points
19 Team Hornet - Jamie, Donna, Patrick Morehouse and Jim "Whisky" McKenna 77 points
20 Outaline - Aaron, Yvette Mealing, Tony Mawer 75 points
21 Chunky Berley Brigade - Andrew Howell and Nik Byrne 57 points
22 Gemini Gannetts - Tony, Melissa Hughes 43 points
23 ANSA 2 - Andrew Edwards and Peter Ladanskyj 36 points
24 Rabs - Brendan, Deborah, Liam, Lachlan Raby 10 points
No other result sheets were submitted.
Mike Stevens

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