Good-brown-Mersey-River-Merseylea-2-9-15Mersey River Still Giving Up The Odd Trout 2/9/2015

With a change forecast for later on tonight I thought I would get a spin session in this afternoon at Merseylea once again. I headed to the middle bridge this time and walked on down through the paddocks to the river. It was still running at a medium to high level but still just wade-able in most sections. I kept with the little black bladed black fury from the other day to see how it would go in today's dull conditions. The first couple of runs didn't give up a fish bit the next run was much better. After flicking the spinner up into the headwater several times and letting it drift into a large eddy it was finally taken by a nice 430gm brown. I fished several more runs some of which I changed over to the hard body lure as they were much deeper runs. Nothing at all was taken over the next two stretches of river where I decided to cross the river to a backwater run.

Crossing here was pretty tricky in knee deep water as the flow was very fast and getting a grip on the rocky bottom was near impossible in a couple of spots. There was no turning back now even though I was now in a little deeper bit of water than I expected to be in. So it was just a matter of making sure I had good footing before slowly moving taking the next step. One thing when crossing a river any time is to always face upstream and side step across the river, especially in fast water. This way you can always lean forward to keep you body weight ahead of you and this helps to dig the boots into the rocky bottom much easier. If you try crossing over by facing the opposite river bank the fast flow can force your right leg across in front of your left leg and trip you up. Not only that it can and will spin you around to face down stream then your body weight goes forward and before you know it you in the water and in trouble.
Anyway with that out of the way I finally reached the other side and in the backwater. Back on with the little black fury I was soon back into the fishing. This backwater was only some 100 meters in length but it certainly looked the goods for holding trout. It wasn't until I had around ten metres of it left before I finally had a fish on. It didn't last long though as it was gone with two quick head shakes when this trout tossed the spinner. Well, that was it for me in the backwater now it was a matter of getting out of this area and heading on to fish above the bridge. Getting in and out of these backwaters can be very tough especially when they're in heavy cover as this one was. After some 10 minutes I had made my way out to a clearing in a paddock and I was off the fish the river above the Merseylea Bridge.
The runs above the bridge are deeper and fairly fast flowing so it was another change of spinner. I put on a copper #0 (2.5gm) black fury for the next couple of stretches or river so the spinner would stay a bit deeper. It took me close on 15 minutes of working the fast water runs before I had a small (270gm) brown take the lure. Three more casts across the river and letting the flow of the water carry the spinner with it as I very slowly retrieved it I had another hook up but lost it as quick as it hit it. I fished on for another 15 minutes before calling it a day, another one that gave up a couple of fish again taking my season catch to 22 browns now which is not too bad. So I'm pretty happy with my tally so far this season as I'm normally a slow starter any way. Have no idea what happen to the change of Weather as the clouds gone and we have clear skies and full sun now.



Back water, Merseylea



Brown taken from this section of head water



Still plenty of water coming down, Mersey River, Merseylea



Good brown, Mersey River, Merseylea


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