2018 03 18 Mersey River closeupAfter two days of gale force winds the weather turned around for the better today, it was around 11:30 am when the wind eased off to a SSE at 16 kph which was enough to have me heading off to the upper reaches of the Mersey for a spin session. I had lunch first before I left and arrived at the river at 1:10 PM, I had a fairly decent walk to where I was going to start the spin session. It was 1:55 PM when I was finally in the river and started flicking the little Mepps #00 gold Aglia around amongst the fast water that flowed between the rocks. It was 2:01 PM when I had my first brown in the net, that was followed with another two browns caught and released in quick time too.

The second brown was caught and in the net at 2:04 PM and the third one was in the net at 2:13 PM, how I know that is by the time that's set by the camera when a photo is taken. So with three trout caught and released in twelve minutes I couldn't have had a better start to the session.

They were the only three taken in the short fast water run before I picked up two more in a wide and long stretch of medium to shallow water. The forth trout was caught at the bottom end of it in a shallow run and the fifth brown was taken on a Pontoon 21 GagaGoon hard body (gold perch) at the top end of this stretch of water at 2:41 PM. The reason I slipped the gold perch lure on was because I lost two browns on the Aglia so I thought I'd try the Pontoon 21 lure. After catching that brown I was back into the fast water runs so it was back to the gold Aglia once again.

I was using the cast and drift method in a few of the wider fast water runs and picked up a couple more browns and then it went quiet for the next couple of hundred meters before I picked up three more nice well conditioned trout from four hook ups. It was just after I had caught my eleventh trout in a small fast water run when I decided to call it a day at 5:10 PM. It was a fairly good few hours spent on the river in an area I hadn't fished for quite some time. The trout weren't large at all with the best brown going 420 grams and the smallest one 310 grams. One thing I did notice was how much colder the water was now compared to a couple of weeks ago..

Adrian Webb (meppstas)

Mersey River wild brown

2018 03 18 Mersey River wild brown


Mersey River brown

2018 03 18 Mersey River brown


2018 03 18 Mersey River trout a


2018 03 18 Mersey River trout b


2018 03 18 Mersey River a


2018 03 18 Mersey River b


2018 03 18 Mersey River c


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