2019 04 15 Streamepps and wild brown troutI just love this time of year with it's cool nights & mornings that slowly turn into beautiful still mild Autumn days. It's also a great time of the trout season for chasing trout in the rivers for me as well. It was another cool morning when I arrived at the Meander River for another spin session with the river still flowing at a nice wading height. I started the session off with the lure that has done well on the trout over a few trips and that was the copper Aglia Mouche Noire spinner. The water temperature has now dropped to a cool ten degrees, I'm hoping for more good results like I had in this river on my last trip when I caught & released 15 browns. I was in the river by 7:20 am and it wasn't too long before I had my first trout take the spinner which was good, it was a nice 280 gram brown.

Ten minutes later I had my second brown trout in hand then just on thirty minutes later I picked up my third brown of the morning. Those three trout were caught using the cast and drift method a system that always works well on the trout in most fast/medium flowing waters. As I continued to fish my way upstream I picked up three more small browns from six hook ups while still using the cast and drift with the Aglia spinner before I thought it was time to get out of the river & try another area further downstream. I headed to the same stretch of river that gave up the fifteen trout on my last trip. I had no sooner flicked the Mouche Noire into a small pool when I had a immediate hook up from a small/medium size brown, the next cast into the same pool I had trout number eight on the river bank. After that I moved into a long wide medium depth of flowing water, it was here I changed to a hard body lure. The fishing was pretty slow going with not too many signs of trout like the last time I was here.

In the end I did manage to pick up three medium size browns from six hook ups before deciding to get out and head off to another fast water run three kilometres away. When I arrived there the river was in full sun so I knew it would be tough catching any trout here, but still thought it was worth having a go. With the river being in full sun I was only going to fish a three hundred meter stretch of fast water, if that fished well then I'll fish on. There wasn't a sign of a fish for the first one hundred and fifty meters, it wasn't looking good and I did think about calling it a day. It was off with the copper Aglia spinner and on with a small #00 (1.5g) black fury chartreuse colour on a black blade. It's a lure I normally use early in the season and only in small tannin streams. There are times when I do try something different and this was one of them, it worked when a very small yearling brown trout took it. Not long after releasing that little brown I had a follow from another brown & that's as far as it went. With the fishing still being on the quiet side I thought I'd try another small light weight spinner I hadn't used in eight years. Another small one that I used to use in the small tannin streams. This one was a brown bladed lure that's called a Streamepps, it only weighs 0.9 grams.

A few flicks up and across the river then letting it drift with the flow at the same time keeping the line taught I picked up a small very aggressive little brown on it. Once released and being only twenty meters from where I had parked the “Trout Stalker 2” I called it a day. Even though the trout were few and far between and I had to try three different stretches of river to catch thirteen trout it was still a fairly good spin session in the river.

Adrian Webb (meppstas)

 2019 04 15 First trout of the spin session

First trout of the spin session


2019 04 15 Steamepps lure that caught a small brown

Steamepps lure that caught a small brown


2019 04 15 Streamepps and wild brown trout

Streamepps and wild brown trout


2019 04 15 Trout hooked and lost here

Trout hooked and lost here


2019 04 15 Two trout picked up here on the Aglia Mouche Noire

Two trout picked up here on the Aglia Mouche Noire

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