Lake Augusta 30/12/2012

I had grand plans to get up at 4am this morning and fish the wind lanes at Lake Leake. I must be getting soft,... as I chose "'Plan B.'" Plan B” was to sleep in and head to Lake Augusta at around 9am...a much more civilized option. As I was heading up, I passed Johnny Dekkers coming down the hill; he was on his way home from Penstock where he managed a couple of quality fish.

He posed for a photo but was quick to point out that he didn’t catch the one he was holding ha ha. He said one of his group landed a 6.5 pound rainbow last night, a great catch by any measure! After we had a quick chat, I made tracks for Augusta. Upon arrival I saw a nice sized fish swimming up and down the dam wall, unfortunately it disappeared before I could cast a fly to it.
Fishing started slow, but as the wind dropped out I started to Polaroid a few amongst the waves. I found if I could get the fly in front of them, they would take it confidently. I released a couple of small ones before landing three around the 2.5 pound mark, all caught on the Klink hammer size 10. I watched an absolute ripper take my fly (estimated around 3 to 4 pounds), but must have struck too hard, the result being  my fly’s are now adorning it’s mouth as we speak,... somewhere in Augusta’s depths.
As you can see, these fish are in prime nick.
Regards, Todd

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