Anglers Licence Fees at Work - Lake Echo Road Upgrade

Improved road surface to Large Bay, Lake Echo. The road to Large Bay, Lake Echo has been upgraded over the last three days by the Inland Fisheries Service to improve access by all vehicles to the north-western side of the lake in preparation for the Christmas break.

Lake Echo is a great fishing location and this area of the lake, particularly Sur­veyors Marsh is known for flooded edge fishing. There is good clear water for polaroiding as fish cruise the margins looking for both aquatic and terrestrial food, and the deep tree lined edges are great for trolling and spinning. With the consistent stocking over the past few years and the current high water levels, Lake Echo should provide some good fishing over the coming months.

Over the past five years, the Service has been developing access at Lake Echo, which has been considered an under-used fishery. The road to Large Bay which was once a 4WD ‘mud run’ track has been turned into a solid well drained all vehicle road and an "all water level" concrete boat ramp was constructed at the end of the road to allow launching of boats. Boat operators should be aware that this ramp is of steep grade and they must ensure that their vehicles are suitable for launching and recovery.

Anglers should note that the Service was limited in its selection of boat ramp sites due to significant aboriginal heritage values in the area. Hence, the exist­ing location was selected to avoid disturbance to these important values. The Service opted for a steeper than normal access in order to provide anglers with a launching site in this area and safer access to the northern end of the lake. The ramp was concreted to provide a non slip surface to help boating an­glers deal with the steep gradient
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